Race Requirements, Policies, Procedures and Protocols

Registration Deadline is July 1 at 11:59PM


The first annual CHILKAT CHALLENGE TRIATHLON (CCT) will be held in Haines, Alaska, on July 15th, 2017.

The race will begin at 11:00 AM (in 15 minute waves) at Mosquito Lake State Park, 30 miles from Haines, where solo racers or 3-person teams (one racer per leg) will paddle 8 miles (across Mosquito Lake, through a narrow passage of water known as the “slough” and down the Chilkat River,) cycle 20 miles down the Haines Highway, then run 6 miles along the River from Haines to the finish line at Lenitkof Cove.

Race Maps

Entry Requirements

Solo competitors and one member of each 3-person team must fill out the official online entry form. The CCT anticipates ~75 solo entries and ~50 team entries. All competitors must sign the race liability waiver form. Registration will not be confirmed until all forms are completed and payment has been received by credit card or PayPal through the CCT website. The fee for a solo competitor is $50 USD. The fee for a three-person team is $150 USD.

Entries will be officially registered on line on a first come/first served basis beginning on February 15 th, 2017, @ 9:00 AM, Alaska time. Fees (less $15 for solos and $45 for a team) will be refundable until May 15th, 2017. Registration Form.

Completion of the official online registration form and signatures (electronic or hard copy) on all required forms and liability waivers will constitute the entrant’s intent to enter the race and further acknowledge their agreement to understand and comply with the rules stated in this document and on the race website. Each entrant shall sign any and all documents or promotional materials requested by the CCT prior to or at a mandatory Pre-Race Meeting that will take place on July 14th @ 6:00 PM on the Parade Grounds in Haines, Alaska. The CCT reserves the right to reject any entry.

All entrants must be at least 14 years of age by or on July 15th, 2017. All participants under 18 years of age will require a waiver of liability signed by the entrant’s parent or legal guardian.

After all race slots have been initially filled, a waiting list will be established on a first come/first served basis. A non-refundable deposit ($15) is required for placement on the waiting list. If contacted about a race slot the wait-listed entrant must respond to CCT within 7 working days or the slot will be offered to the next person or team on the waiting list and the entrant initially contacted will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Cancellation/withdrawal requests received between May 15th and June 15th will be refunded 50% of the entrance fee. Withdrawal after June 15th will result in forfeiture of the entry fee. Entries are not transferrable to another party. Substitution of up to two members of a three-person team will be permitted until June 15th, 2017.

If the event is cancelled for any reason, all registration fees will be fully refunded.

Entry Divisions

Each entrant (solo or 3-person team) must register in either the Adult Division or Senior Division. A Senior is defined as 55 years of age or older and applies to solo racers and all members of a 3-person team. (A Senior or Senior team may choose to self-classify in the adult division.) There are Race Classes in both Divisions for Women, Men, or Mixed Team.

Race Officials

A Race Marshall and two Race Judges selected by the CCT Steering Committee (CCTSC) will oversee all aspects of the race from the Pre-Race meeting through the Awards Presentation. The Race Marshall and Race Judges shall answer all questions and settle any disputes. The Race Marshall may impose time penalties for rule infractions or disqualify a competitor.

Pre-Race Meeting

All racers must attend the Pre-Race Meeting at 6:00 PM on July 14th on the Parade Grounds at Fort Seward, in Haines, Alaska. Failure to attend the Pre-Race Meeting will result in disqualification.

At the Pre-Race Meeting, participants will be given important information and updates about CCT race policies and requirements, the route description, current weather and course conditions, and safety concerns.

All racers must bring proof of medical insurance sufficient to cover any injuries or necessary medical evacuations to the Pre-Race Meeting.

Racers will receive race bibs at the Pre-Race Meeting and complete any final paperwork requirements. No one will be permitted to compete in the race without an official race bib or without submission of all completed race forms and waivers by the end of the Pre-Race Meeting.

Vessel/Gear Specifications

Boating Segment:

Racers may compete in a human-powered, non-pedaled kayak, canoe, or pack raft. (Pedal operated rudders are allowed but not pedaled propulsion. Non-racer propulsion methods of any kind (e.g., sails) are not permitted.) Racers must supply their own watercraft and gear. Each kayak, canoe, or pack raft must start the race with a spare paddle. Vessel types must be recorded on your application.

Each racer must wear a U.S. Coast Guard or Canadian Department of Transport Class III Personal Floatation Device [PFD]. The PFD’s must be in good, serviceable condition and must be worn by the racer throughout the paddling portion of the race. Self-inflatable PFDs are not allowed. PFDs that have been tampered with or modified in any way that affects their fundamental integrity, such as being cut, slit, or torn will be rejected and the boater will not be allowed to compete. Any racer either not wearing their PFD or who has replaced their PFD with an inferior or non-compliant PFD will be disqualified. Racers from other than the USA or Canada may use PFDs providing a minimum of 50 Newtons of inherent buoyancy conforming to one of the following European or international standards: EN393, EN395, ISO12402-5, or ISO12402-6.

A whistle and an orange garbage bag for signaling (provided by CCTSC) must be attached or in a pocket of each entrant’s PFD. Each boat must have a buoyant heaving line of >15 m (50’) in length and >6 mm (1/4”) diameter, one bailer (bucket or pump), and one watertight flashlight.

Bicycling Segment:

Any model or design of human powered bicycle is permitted. Bicycles may not have additional propulsion (e.g., battery-assisted bicycles are prohibited.)


Each participant agrees to hold the race sponsors and other contributors harmless from any claim or demand based on any alleged action or inaction by any CCTSC staff or volunteers that result in an injury to the participant or his/her property. Further, the CCTSC has the unqualified and unrestricted authority to permit race sponsors to photograph and otherwise collect information for advertising, public relations, or other publicity purposes.


A participant who wishes to lodge a protest shall submit the protest in writing, accompanied by $50 USD protest fee, to the Race Marshall or a Race Judge no later than 1 hour after the official end of the race.

Entrants in Distress

Any racer witnessing another racer(s) in obvious distress at any point in the race is compelled to render all assistance possible until further assistance arrives. Time adjustments may or may not be given at the discretion of the Race Marshall. Racers that assist other competitors will be recognized at the awards ceremony. Failure to offer assistance in an emergency situation will result in a lifetime disqualification from the CCT.

Race Drug Policy

Under no circumstances shall a participant consume alcohol during the course of the race or use illegal or performance-enhancing drugs. If there is cause to believe a racer has violated this policy, the CCTSC retains the right to initiate laboratory tests to prove or disprove the presence of any illegal drug in the racer’s body. Refusal to submit samples for such tests will result in disqualification, nullification of any prizes or awards, and a lifetime ban from the CCT. Any participant in the race with a physical ailment for which it is necessary to ingest or inhale a potentially performance-enhancing stimulant type of medication must bring this fact to the attention of the Race Marshall before the race start with proof from a licensed physician that the treatment is required.


Intentional interference with another racer’s progress will result in disqualification. Racers may not carry firearms while competing in the race.

Waste Disposal

Littering of any kind at any point along the racecourse will not be tolerated. Violators will be disqualified.

Finish Line Procedures

Racers finishing each segment of the race must confirm their arrival with the CCT official assigned at that location to verify completion of that segment. The CCT official will be identified by clothing/insignia at the finish line of each segment. Completion of the entire race will be announced and recorded when the solo racer or final segment team member crosses the finish line at Chilkat State Park and is acknowledged by the Race Marshall or an official Race Judge.

The race will officially end at 6:00 PM July 15th. The CCT is not responsible for transporting racers or their gear to or from any race segment, including the starting line or finish line, or for transporting any racer (or their equipment) not completing the course before 6:00 PM. Be advised there may not be cell phone coverage or visual contact at various points along the racecourse. The Post-Race Awards Ceremony will be held at Letnikof Cove, beginning at 6:00 PM.


Winners of each Division and Class will receive a free entry in the 2018 CCT. Cash awards, outdoor gear, and other prizes will be distributed by the CCTSC at the Post-Race Awards Ceremony.